Hosting a Party During the Pandemic – What to Keep in Mind

If hosting a party is part of your holiday tradition, you do not need to sacrifice it completely. The pandemic has warned us to be cautious of the things we do, but it has also reminded us of our ability to adapt to the changes that life brings. 

If you want to host a party this holiday, you only have to take a few extra precautions to ensure the safety of everyone attending. Adding these few little tweaks to your existing plan will not completely ruin your holiday plans.  

Here are some of the critical things you should consider implementing in your upcoming holiday party: 

Have a small party 

The transmission of the coronavirus happens when people are less than six feet away from each other. If you want to prevent that from happening, limit the number of your guests. If you can’t limit your guest list, you can host multiple small parties instead. That way, there will be less human interaction, and you still get to invite all people you want to celebrate with. Aside from ensuring everyone’s safety, a limited number of guests also means less work and hosting duties for you. 

Have full control over the kitchen 

There is currently no evidence to prove that the virus can spread from one person to another through the food they eat, but sharing infected utensils can be a real threat. To make sure that you do not put your guests at risk, assign one person for distributing utensils. That way, you know that the utensils will not get exposed to different people. Asking your guests to bring their own utensils can also help eliminate this concern. Instead of serving your food buffet-style, you can ask your caterer to prepare the food in individual containers for better safety. 

Require people to come in protected 

As the host, you have the responsibility and right to ask your guests to come to your party with their protective gear on. Indicate that it is a must in your invitation. By requiring masks, you reduce the chances of getting or spreading the virus.  

Consider handing out disposable or reusable masks by the entrance to your venue for people who will forget to bring theirs. You can also place sanitation areas where people can access alcohol, sanitisers, or wash their hands whenever needed.  

Discourage any point of contact 

Aside from the mandatory face mask in your event, you should note in your invitation that any physical contact, such as hugs and handshakes, is highly discouraged in your party. Throughout the event, make sure to remind your guests of the recommended six-foot distance when communicating or interacting with one other. 

You can also utilise automatic soap dispensers, contactless trash cans, bottled drinks, and single-use utensils to avoid any unnecessary contact.  

Search for a quality catering option  

Most importantly, find a catering service provider that can follow all your requirements for a safe holiday party. Look for options in advance and tell the caterer you pick exactly what you want to happen during the event so they can prepare accordingly. You also need to learn and understand their work process to ensure everyone’s safety.  


 The holiday is supposed to be a season to share with the special people in your life. Make sure that no one’s health is put at risk while you are having fun. Being strict with the protocols and safety precautions can make a huge difference. You can start by implementing the recommendations we enumerated in this article, and do not forget to enjoy the night.  

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