3 Essential Elements of a Successful Business Luncheon

Organising an off-site luncheon for your work colleagues may seem like a daunting task, as it entails a huge game plan that can simply be overwhelming. There are different areas to focus on, and with the board to impress, every single task must be executed to perfection.  

To do so, you must remain as organised as possible, ensuring that every little detail is dealt with an air of professionalism and a dash of creativity. Business luncheons aren’t just sit-down meals of catching up, as they’re precisely for what the name suggests—business.  

It doesn’t have to be dull and grey, however, and with a little personal touch, you’ll be well on your way to organising a memorable luncheon. To help you get started, here are three things you must take into consideration: 

1 – The overall budget  

This depends entirely on your company, but you’ve either have a pre-approved budget for the luncheon, or you’ll need to secure an approval, all based on your planning. Event budgets are incredibly complex, as you’ll need to work with a certain amount to deliver the best. You’ll need to take quality into consideration, all without breaking your company’s bank account.  

To begin, choose a theme for the event. By identifying a specific theme, you’ll be able to allocate your expenses into the right funnels, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked or out of control. The most important aspect of your event should be the food and venue, followed by small items like decorations and invitations. 

2 –  The venue 

Once you’ve determined your budget and theme, the next crucial step is to determine your venue options. Look around your city area of available venues, and as you do, inspect every bit of the space. Ensure that comfort rooms are clean and well-maintained, and the building equipped with fire safety regulations. Never hesitate to ask about additional features, such as parking spaces. As you choose the perfect venue, consider the following elements: 

  • The final date for the event 
  • Accommodations, if need be 
  • Outdoor space for breaks 
  • Deposit fees 
  • Services  
  • Private luncheon rooms 
  • Parking spaces 

Note: Ensure that your business luncheon coincides with the availability of the private dining room, which should be in a space with little distractions and comfortable seating.  

3 – The food menu 

The food menu is the final, and perhaps the most important, aspect of your luncheon. It’s important to choose the right caterer, especially if you’re dealing with hundreds of employees in a single event. Remember that you’ll be talking business all day, so to keep the spirit up, you must serve them with delectable and mouth-watering food.  

While it’s easy to get carried away and offer an unlimited amount of food buffet options, it’s best to stick to a specialized menu. Here are some of the best menu ideas for luncheons, as contributed by Gourmet Tarts Catering:  

  • Entrees: Choice of soup with bread and butter on the side, along with seafood platters 
  • Main dishes: Salmon cuts, chicken, and beef recipes, all paired with vegetables or salad 
  • Dessert: Rich chocolate flavours or fruit-infused pastries 
  • Snacks: Cold and hot gourmet finger food, along with a selection of sweet treats 

You can opt for the buffet system for small groups, but table service should be your main option. This ensures that a steady flow is maintained, as the caterers will be able to serve your colleagues without much hassle.  

The Bottom Line 

While organising a luncheon may seem much too overwhelming, careful and strategic planning will help you see it through. Just keep your budget in mind, as with the venue and other amenity features.  

The gathering’s main goal is for business, but your event should also welcome some soul and fun in-between. And what better way to do that than through food? As you begin planning your luncheon, keep good food in mind!

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