3 Tips to Building the Perfect Catering Menu Everyone Can Take a Bite Out Of.

No matter how upscale and well-planned the party is, one of the most important factors your guests will remember is the quality of the food. Finger-licking, lip-smacking food choices can encourage guests to have a good time, while a sub-par spread can leave a sour taste in their mouths.  

Seeing as the quality and freshness of the food is crucial, coming up with the perfect, flavoursome catering menu is a must to garnish the entire celebration. Choosing the best dishes that complement each other and tickle everyone’s taste buds, however, is a hard nut to crack.  

With that in mind, the tasty tips below should help you create a catering menu that is sure to be a gastronomic hit and not a flop with your guests: 

Tip #1: Get to Know Your Guest Profile  

It’s true that people have their own taste in food, but taking a closer look at your guest profile should help you whip up a menu option that suits their cravings. Older groups of attendees that fall under the business class may prefer a balance between mild flavours with a tasty, embellished touch.  

Brie, fig, and prosciutto crostini, sun-dried tomato basil roll-ups, or the classic salmon and cream cheese on top of cucumber are classic choices for an impressive hors d’oevre. Younger groups, on the other hand, are more willing to add a bit of zing to their dining experience with adventurous dishes.  

Tip #2: Provide Different Menu Choices  

Getting to know your guest profile should steer you to the cream of the crop for their taste, but sticking to a single entree lacks the variety to create a gastronomic punch. If you want to ensure everyone has a bite of a dish they can enjoy, providing two to three entrees should sell like hot cakes in your celebration.  

The perfect spread is one that can take the palette to a refreshing start with a colourful salad course, a hearty journey for the main dishes, to ending the party on a sweet note with at least two dessert options.  

Tip #3: Consider Special Needs and Dietary Restrictions  

Throwing a party – be it for business events, holiday specials, or other occasions – involves pleasing a mix of people. In addition to serving delicious, refined food, you also need to anticipate the special dietary needs of some guests.  

This includes different forms of allergies like lactose intolerance, nut allergies, religious requirements, vegetarianism, veganism, or even food intolerances for things like celiacs.  

The Bottom Line: Setting Up a Feast to Satisfy All Cravings and Senses  

Food is at the heart of every celebration, and while you can’t butter people up every time as people crave for different preferences, people will always have a shared love for sumptuous dishes.  

If you’re looking to spice up your celebrations with a gourmet-inspired spread, our event caterers in Sydney can offer the most appetizing selection suitable for any special occasion. Get in touch with our finger food specialists today!