Choosing a Caterer for Your Event – Gourmet Tarts Catering

Whether you are hiring a catering company for a private or corporate event, you must choose one that gives the best quality of food and service to your guests. Aside from the program and the styling of your event, the food is one of the essential items that you should prioritise. Not only will it keep your guests satisfied, but it will also make them interested in the event. 

There are many things that you should consider when hiring a caterer in your event. To help you out, here are three of the essential things that you should do to make sure that you serve the best tasting gourmet catering to all of your guests: 

  1. Ask About Their Specialisation and Customisation 

If you want to customise your event and have the best gourmet catering according to your preference, make sure to hire a caterer that specialises in the food you like to eat. By doing so, you can ensure that they will serve the food following the theme of your party and your requests.  

There are many things a catering company can offer, including: 

  • Customise the food presentation 
  • Design the food menu according to your theme 
  • Personalise the food to make it unique 
  1. Request for a Special Menu

When event hosts get too busy planning the event, most tend to forget about what type of food will be served on the occasion. Some of their guests might have dietary restrictions, and they forget to request a special menu for them. 

More than allowing your guests to enjoy your gourmet catering with a full stomach, requesting a special menu that considers your guests’ dietary restrictions can make them feel more welcome and important.   

Before hiring a catering company, make sure that they can cater and adapt to the dietary restrictions of your guests. You can requests that some of their menus should be: 

  • Gluten-free 
  • Lactose-free 
  • Vegetarian or vegan 
  • Halal-made 
  1. Discuss any Miscellaneous Fees

Like any business, gourmet catering can also include hidden miscellaneous fees. One of the most common miscellaneous fees that event hosts are charged for is the use or rental of silverware and glassware to third-party suppliers. When hiring a catering company, make sure that you know exactly what you’ll have to pay for. 

In case you didn’t know, there are many benefits of hiring caterers with their own silverware and glasswares, including: 

  • It helps you save costs on rentals 
  • Your guests will know that you are investing in the quality of the food
  • You can ensure that the catering service will run smoothly 
  • It can make the event set-up much quicker 

With that said, if you want to save costs and minimise hassles, you should hire a caterer that provides their own silverwares and glasswares. Make sure to discuss this matter beforehand to avoid last-minute rush planning and expenses.  


Many event hosts or organisers forget about some of the essential things to be considered when hiring a catering company. To avoid inconveniencing your guests, make sure that you talk with your potential caterer beforehand to discuss certain matters. Some of the things you should talk about include customisation services, special menus, and miscellaneous fees. When you have covered all of this in your first meeting, you can ensure that your event will be enjoyable for everyone. 

If you are looking to hire a catering company in Balgowlah, get in touch with us today. We can ensure your guests can enjoy the best-tasting finger foods and gourmet catering specially customised for them!