Different Catering Styles for Your Wedding Day – Our Guide

One of the factors that complete an event is the type of food you serve to your guests. If you’re planning your wedding, you need to make sure that you have an impressive and memorable menu. This is because one of the memories your guests will remember is the food that you serve. When you take time to plan and curate your wedding dishes, it will immediately impress your guests and leave them with a fantastic experience.  

Many people think that catering services follow a cookie-cutter approach when designing their menu and only serve rigid meals. This is why sometimes, people just go for the standard menu offered by catering companies. When you’re planning your wedding menu, you should know that catering companies can provide different catering styles that can suit your event.  

To help you with your wedding preparations and catering needs, here are different catering styles that may suit your wedding style: 

Finger Food Catering 

A particular catering type that many people forget is finger food catering. It is essential to have finger food catering at your wedding because it’s the best way to start your wedding reception. This is also a perfect catering alternative if you want a more relaxed and casual wedding style. 

Finger food catering is great because you get to offer various food for your guests that are easy to consume. At the same time, you’ll entertain them while they wait for your wedding reception program to start. It is best to serve finger food that is both delicate and flavorful and is paired with fantastic wine. This way, you can impress your guests right away without spoiling their appetites.  

Plate Services and Share Plate Catering 

Another catering option you should consider is plate services wherein your catering service will serve the course meals to your guests. The menu for this type of service is flexible and customisable. This means you can create any number of courses you want, alternate the kind of entrées you’ll serve to guests and the type of desserts they will receive. This type of catering service is also ideal for guests who have allergies and food specifications. All you need to do is let your catering company know which guest will receive a different plate.  

However, if you want to encourage engagement between your guests, you can opt for a share plate type catering. This type of catering service is quite similar to plate service. However, your waiters will serve dishes for the whole table to share. This way, your guests can interact with each other and hold more conversations.  

Spit Roast and Barbeque Catering 

If you want to enjoy freshly roasted or grilled meat, having a spit roast catering in your event is incredibly ideal. This way, the chef will be able to grill, roast, and cut meat per order to ensure that your guests eat fresh, hot and delicious meat dishes.  

If you want to make the most out of your outdoor wedding reception, another option is to have barbeque catering. This way, your guests will enjoy the outdoors while simultaneously smelling the delicious feast they are about to devour.  


When you’re planning your wedding, you must work with a reliable catering company to curate the best wedding meals for your event. Remember that these companies are incredibly flexible and will cater to you and your guests’ needs. All you need to do is communicate your wedding style and theme and collaborate with your catering company to produce a fantastic wedding catering menu. 

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