Event Planning of a Memorable Corporate Event 

As a business owner, connecting with clients and employees through corporate events is what fosters a hardworking environment. Similarly, you might leverage the opportunity to introduce a new product or service or are simply in the mood to entertain and reward a diligent team. Regardless of its purpose, thoughtful components are what make for an event to remember.  

 1. The Purpose 

Behind every unforgettable corporate event is a “why.” Do you want to impress a particular client or simply get to know your team? The type of event you intend to hold will dictate the tone, preparation, and venue itself.  

What you’re hoping to achieve will also influence your decision regarding point persons and what each attendee can expect.  

2. The Date 

Among the most challenging feats to overcome when it comes to arranging a corporate event is the date. Depending on how many people you employ and clients you’re partnered up with, schedules tend to clash.  

Send out a poll to rule out your initial pick of potential dates. Prioritise critical members of your business and take into account your attendance forecast. Send out invitations as early as possible to allow attendees to block off their calendars.  

3. The Budget 

Company size, management, and the type of event will all play a role in how your corporate affair pans out. Regardless of budget, allot at least 10% to contingencies. Always expect the unexpected, whether a change in venue, last-minute menu or additional transportation.  

4. The Venue 

Before selecting a venue, know whether you want to hold your event in the city or somewhere out of town. Consider where the majority of your team resides and whether they’re willing to travel to attend.  

Know what type of venue will complement your theme. Will a boutique art gallery do the trick? Perhaps you’re after something more casual and like the idea of a pub or speakeasy.  

Communicate to venue owners your needs and specifications, weighing them against the number of attendees and your budget. 

5. The Food  

With a venue down pat and invitees confirmed, some hosts gloss over another important aspect of corporate events—the food. While some venues provide in-house catering—less work for you—others will request that you source meals yourself.  

If selecting a third party, take note of your venue’s catering policy. Some establishments will require an additional fee for space and equipment, whereas others will allow third-party services to set up in their existing kitchen.  

Next, note any dietary restrictions with each of your invitees. Depending on your budget, you might decide to craft a set menu or allow freedom of choice with a buffet. Speak to your gourmet catering service about their options.  

Conclusion – Event Planning of a Memorable Corporate Event 

Every step you take during the event-planning process will determine whether your corporate event is a hit or miss. Treat every element with priority and don’t rush into decisions. Remember, this event is for your team and clients—not just you!  

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