Gourmet Catering – Things To Take Note of for Your Upcoming Grand Opening

Any business or organisation considers a grand opening to be a thrilling milestone, and rightfully so! No matter what the grand opening is for, such a significant expansion of an existing location, new facility or relocated store is an incredible opportunity to make a memorable introduction. Of course, before anything else, you have to spread the word and get your message out there. Moreover, it’s important to make a genuine connection with the community. 

Brand Awareness 

Getting your brand out there is the first step to getting people excited about your grand opening, through catching their attention in the first place. Connect with your target audience primarily through social media, and look into a Facebook page, flyer or some type of paid social ad with all the relevant information for the event. 

Here are some things to take note of for your upcoming grand opening: 

Curate your guest list 

Start inward and move forward from there. Current customers are the best place to start, moving gradually to potential customers. Then, you can look at local businesses within the area and invite their owners. Suppliers are another important factor, alongside city officials. Of course, it’s also vital to look into media partners. 

Entertainment and speakers must be present 

For the most part, a grand opening equates to innovation and newness. Capture the excitement with an engaging speaker and a relevant, inspiring entertainer. The speaker will get to give a bigger picture of the whole experience and give incredible excitement to all involved. 

Focus on your channels 

Focus on your channels, especially if your event is invite-only or private, exclusive for a certain number of people with a specific criteria! Great solutions are as simple as email lists and Facebook events set to private. If possible, send handwritten invitations because a personal touch can never go out of style.  

Go with proper signage  

People should be aware from the second they walk into your grand opening about where they’re going, and what they’re doing. Welcome signages are very crucial, as they are responsible for the first impression. Other signs to have are directionals to specific spaces such as where speeches will be given and workshops will be held. An itinerary for the day or days will also be a huge help. 

Have all the essential information on your invitations  

When promoting the grand opening, make sure to mention all the important parts. Don’t just say there are drinks and food available; mention who is providing it, like a catering company in Balgowlah. Not only will this increase interest; it will also whet the appetites of your potential guests. Add a little sneak peek as to what the event will include to further entice them. 

Put together a goodie bag  

Giveaways for attendees are definitely a huge draw. Depending on your budget, you can get branded koozies, phone covers especially for the iPhone, t-shirts, water bottlesthose are just some of the items you can actually personalise with your logo or brand name to share. If you have gourmet catering, you can ask your supplier to make special cookies or cupcakes. 

Conclusion – Things To Take Note of for Your Upcoming Grand Opening

Having a grand opening for a new phase in your business or organisation is a feat in itself. It’s important to make sure you know the markers you should hit and not miss. Be sure to give your audience a positive experience they will never forget. 

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