How to Organise a Themed Corporate Party – Our Guide

Has management tasked you with organising your company’s next big event? Here’s one suggestion that could spell the difference between success and failure: make it a themed party! 

Doing so lets you organise the event with a unifying concept in mind, allowing you to make decisions easier as you’ll have a sort of “blueprint” that you can follow. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of planning a themed corporate event, so that the one you organise encourages people to come, enjoy themselves, and leave with fond memories. 

Step 1: Coming up with a theme 

In planning your themed corporate event, you first need to come up with a suitable theme. You can be as creative as you want to, but remember to keep it professional. Look at the current trends in pop culture and perhaps draw inspiration from there. You can also consider any seasonal themes that might be relevant to the present. 

Once you have a handful of ideas, list them down and ask some of your colleagues what they think. You could even get the whole company involved and settle it with a vote. 

Step 2: Defining the budget 

Ask whoever it was who assigned you to plan the event how much money you will have at your disposal. You can’t start making plans without knowing what your budget is, so approach who you need to and finalise this important aspect. 

Step 3: Settling the details 

Your next big concerns are to settle on a specific date and venue. Ask your colleagues or get some help from human resources to find a suitable date that works with everyone’s schedules. Then, start looking for venues. If you plan on holding the event at the office, then great! Just make sure you have permission to do so. 

Step 4: Contacting the essential services 

A themed corporate event will require a few essentials. These are food, refreshments, and entertainment. If the table setups haven’t been accounted for yet, remember to find a provider for those as well. 

Contact a caterer and let them know what the theme is. That way, the caterer can come up with a menu that’s suited for the party. Most are willing to do so, but remember to find one early on so that they can prepare accordingly. The same goes for the entertainment provider, although you might have to be more selective as the theme could potentially limit your options. 

Step 5: Coming up with a program 

A corporate event is more likely to follow a specific schedule given that the people attending have other responsibilities to do. With all the information you’ve gathered from the previous steps, plot out a suitable program so that your guests know what to expect. You can’t just wing it, especially if you expect a large crowd. 

Step 6: Sending out the invitations 

Now that all the details have been accounted for, it’s time to finally send out invitations so that people can make the necessary arrangements. Do this weeks or months ahead of the event. Ask for an RSVP, and find out if any guests have specific concerns that need addressing. Additionally, remember to incorporate the theme into your invitation. 


Once the invitations are out, all you have to do now is to execute your plans. You will have had most of the details ironed out by now, so just keep following up with guests and your service providers so that everything goes by smoothly. 

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