How to Organise an Office Party for the Holidays – Our Guide 

Executing a corporate event or office party needs a bit of planning. Your guests’ satisfaction depends on how much you iron out the details, and when you plan, you can organise your ideas and prioritise tasks. Having a checklist is a necessary part of planning, and catering checklists keep track of a significant aspect of a celebration—food and drink! 

When you have a catering checklist, you can monitor the arrival of food, tools, and other related items for your event. It is crucial for office parties, which you need to organise quickly. Here are things to remember when planning a social gathering for your office. 

Be strategic about the date and time 

Having a corporate holiday event requires you to be mindful of the demographic. Choose dates and times where people are available and likely to attend. For instance, schedule a Christmas party during the first couple of weeks of December, and avoid dates when people spend time with loved ones. As for the time, you should find one that does not interfere with your working hours. 

If evening parties aren’t feasible, you could host a luncheon and request the management to offer a half-day off in the afternoon. Evening parties tend to cost a bit more than luncheons since you’re paying for more electricity. 

Have a guest list for your party 

For office parties, all you need to do to figure out the invitees is get a list of current employees from HR. If you’re hosting a larger event, you could have an option for inviting significant others, but you must factor them into your expected number of attendees. Your venue and catering budget will have to adjust. 

You also need to know the number of guests for other things, like chair and table rentals. Once you have significant expenses down, you can start budgeting for other items like decorations and prizes. 

Host your party close to the office 

Choose a venue that is not too far from where you work. Find a place that is accessible to most guests and has ample space for the attendees. If you’re hosting a small group, you could choose function rooms of restaurants. For bigger groups, there are plenty of dedicated halls and events spaces in major urban areas. 

Something else to consider for the venue would be the food style service. Will you go for food stations and stand-up hors d’ oeuvres, or would an ala carte or buffet sit-down affair make more sense? You could also install an open bar so guests can choose their favourite cocktails or drinks. 

Prioritise the food and drink 

Don’t compromise when it comes to the food; it is one of the few things people remember about an event. Choose a reliable catering company who can adapt to your needs and come up with a variety of options. 

Ensure that everyone gets something they like by having an assortment of fruits, vegetables, meats, and sweets on the menu. Plan ahead for guests with dietary restrictions, food allergies, and intolerances. You should schedule taste testing with the top two or three choices. With a taste test, you can assess which one provides value for your money. 

Conclusion – Organise an Office Party for the Holidays

Planning an office party is easy if you keep things organised. Make sure you have the number of guests or a reasonable approximate; this determines how large your venue is, and how much food you need. Planning a menu becomes easy when you know who will be at your party! 

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