Gourmet Tarts Catering Wahroonga – Our Tips For Making Your Birthday Party At Home Special

The current health crisis has forced many people to celebrate their birthdays over the Internet. While this is a good idea in terms of our health, it might not seem as exciting and satisfying in the eyes of many. 

Unfortunately, we can’t really do anything to change this situation. We can, however, make the event just as special (and perhaps even more so) by thinking a little outside the box. If you practice a little creativity and make a few smart decisions, you can have a birthday party that’s worthy of the occasion. 

Here are a few tips to help you get inspired: 

  1. Have an online celebration with loved ones

Don’t let the lockdown stop you from commemorating the special day! Hold a conference video call on your service of choice, and make sure to invite those you want to celebrate with you. 

In some ways, this might even better than a regular birthday party. You’ll be able to invite more people, even those who are in completely different parts of the world. You won’t even have to worry about booking a reservation during an arguably difficult time.  

  1. Make sure it’s a real party

Just because you’re having your party at home and away from everyone doesn’t mean that you can leave out the essentials. You’ll need food, drinks, music, and maybe even a little program to entertain everyone attending. 

You could even introduce some type of theme that will set the mood of the entire party. It’s little touches like this that will get everyone in the festive spirit, so make sure you don’t limit yourself in this department. 

  1. Pick the food carefully

It’s the celebrant’s big day, so make sure you commemorate their success by preparing the food that they love. This will surely put a smile on their face, and you don’t even have to worry about feeding too many people at once. 

You could cook this yourself if you have the time, but a good way to make the entire thing less stressful is to simply order from a catering company. That way, you can adjust the food according to the celebrant’s exact preferences, and you can focus on other aspects of the party that need more attention. 

  1. Don’t forget about hygiene and health

The fact that you’re celebrating at home doesn’t mean that you get to do away with social distancing rules and personal hygiene. Make sure you still abide by the health directives so that the party is safe for everyone involved. 

This means that you should avoid sharing utensils, plates, and food, and remember to keep a level of distance between yourself and others. After all, you wouldn’t want your party to be the cause of someone getting sick. 


Having a birthday party at home might seem a little limiting, but the truth is that you can still ensure a good time. Through these easy-to-follow tips, you can guarantee that the event will be special and memorable for everyone involved. 

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