Top Catering Ideas for Any Corporate Occasion

When people think of corporate events, there seems to be less emphasis on the food that is served and more on the agenda that needs to be tackled. While that is naturally appropriate, what organizers don’t realize is that camaraderie, goodwill, and collaboration are all fostered by people who are in the best mood. There is no better way to put people in the mood to work than to make sure they are well fed. 

You shouldn’t close a business deal with an empty stomach. Whether it is intimate board meetings, team rallies, or a product launch event, you can get the best results from your business gatherings whenever food is involved. While serious negotiations don’t necessarily pair well with burgers and fries, there are many ways you can cater to your executive guests while still keeping a corporate tone. 

If you are planning your next business event, and you are thinking about how and what best to serve your hungry attendees, here are several catering arrangements that will work for any size or setting: 

All-day busy-ness meetings 

If you only have an hour or two, your guests may not be in the mood to dig into a full-course meal. You can offer finger food like canapes, bite-sized quiches, and personal pastries. Bread baskets are a great idea as well, and guests can schmear them with an array of flavored butter, soft cheeses, or cream dips. Guests can help themselves from a buffet spread, or you can ask your catering company to have servers circle the room.  

Break bread during business brunches 

For more bigger-sized gatherings that have more time and are more relaxed, you have the opportunity to serve a heartier meal. Mornings are the best time to be productive, so you can wake everyone up with freshly brewed coffees and teas, or have a barista present to prepare their favorite macchiato. Brunch-type meetings have more substantial servings, perhaps breakfast platters, oversized sandwiches, and an assortment of artisanal bread. In this setup, your guests can sit down and take their time to discuss your business agenda over a fulfilling meal. 

Afternoon Business tea  

To beat the afternoon slump, your guests will probably need invigorating refreshment. Caffeine will be most welcome, so make sure you have a selection of beans and brews that your guests can choose from. Since it’s after lunch, people are more likely to indulge their sweet tooth with cakes, pastries, and scones. You can offer savory items as well, like finger sandwiches, mini-burgers, or stuffed croissants. Like brunch, it should be substantial enough to tide them over until dinner, or you may have people nodding off during discussion or losing interest in your business proposal. 

Broker deals over buffet dinners 

When it comes to major corporate events, buffet dinners take the proverbial cake. If you have many guests to satisfy, you will do well by providing at least a five-course meal consisting of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. For your VIP guests, you can opt to serve them at their tables instead of getting them to line up. You can also make things fancier for everyone by splitting multiple buffet stations around the venue. For buffet dinners, your catering company will provide waitstaff to serve your guests and to make sure their wine glasses and champagne goblets stay full throughout the night. 

While monthly reports and contract negotiations can be boring, your corporate catering does not have to be. You can keep things simple and professional with snacks and small plates. You can also go above and beyond and wow your executives with a full-blown gourmet dinner. Whatever your business goals are, you can make sure you achieve them with the help of a perfectly planned meal.  

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