5 Reasons to Serve Finger Food at Your Next Catered Event

What to Know

If you’re struggling to come up with a menu for your next social gathering, one option you might not have considered yet is to go for finger food. It’s a great choice for many types of events, as it gives you the opportunity to satisfy your guests while also gaining a few benefits that are not necessarily found in other options.

In this article, we’ll bring attention to what those benefits are. Check them out below and see why serving finger food might very well be the perfect way to feed your guests at your upcoming event.

1. You’ll have plenty of freedom to choose

Finger foods are not limited to just snacks and appetizers. Even complex entrees and desserts can be turned into easy-to-eat bites that won’t require any utensils. You won’t be limited in terms of cuisine or style, either, and you can serve them at any time of the day.

What these mean for you is that finger foods can be suited to just about any occasion. You’ll have no shortage of options available, which means all your guests will have plenty of choices, too.

2. You can stretch a tight budget

One of the best reasons to go for finger foods is that doing so allows you to feed more guests while also spending less. A single cut of steak, for example, can be divided into smaller portions that many people can enjoy. That same piece of steak would have just fed one person otherwise.

3. You won’t need a full dining setup

Because you won’t need utensils and large plates to serve finger food, you’ll need fewer seats and tables as well. You’ll be able to free up space that can be put to other use. This could be incredibly advantageous, especially if your venue isn’t as spacious as you would have liked it to be.

4. You encourage people to mingle

Without the need for table and seating arrangements, your guests are encouraged to stand up and play a more active role in the festivities. This means they can go around and interact with the other guests, which is always a good idea in any event, and it will make for a more enjoyable time for everyone.

5. You’ll have less cleanup to worry about

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, opting to serve finger foods means you’ll have less cleaning to do after everything’s said and done.


As you can see, sticking to a menu that is based around finger foods is a wise choice that can spell the difference between a good party and an excellent one. It makes your job as a host and organizer much easier and less costly, and your guests are better guaranteed a pleasant experience that they’ll surely thank you for.

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