The Making of a Beautiful Wedding Menu – 3 Food Tasting Tips

Planning for a wedding is never easy, and couples are subjected to months and months of planning. While focusing on the decor elements is paramount to the success of your wedding, bear in mind that the most important part of planning is food preparation. Your guests will marvel at the band you’ve hired and the live butterflies floating around the room, but nothing compared to the sweet flow of wine, the cornucopia of desserts, and the heavenly taste of main courses. 

Your wedding will be remembered for how you’ve represented your love for each other, but guests will also grumble about poorly chosen food. That said, make sure to prioritise your food tasting plans. The meals served during the reception will require a huge chunk of your budget, so make sure that everyone’s happy with the menu. 

To make sure that the tasting session goes well, here are quick and simple tips to keep in mind: 

Tip #1: Keep your budget in mind 

Honouring your budget does not only include the food you wish to serve, but your guest list. That said, never resort to just estimating. As you plan your menu, bear in mind that you will be asked to write down the number of guests, as meals will likely be paid per head. You don’t want to overpay or underspend, so take careful account of how many attendees you wish to invite. Always leave room for more people, but don’t spend too much! 

Tip #2: Choose your food and drink combinations wisely  

As with everything else about wedding planning, the devil lies in the details. You’ll want the band to start playing at the exact moment, and your flowers to arrive a day before the wedding. The same goes for food choices—before choosing your menu, make sure to keep a note of allergies and food preferences. You’ll want to make sure that no mishaps happen during the most wonderful time of your life—say no to peanut allergies and salmon aversion! 

Tip #3: Make sure you come with a reliable team 

You and your partner can only do so much—with suit and gown fittings to attend and rehearsal dinners to push through, you’ll likely come to your food tasting in low spirits. A helping hand is always readily available, however, so make sure to ask your most trusted loved ones to come with. They’ll help you oversee and develop a master plan, one that will take note of all the guests, preferences, and of course, build a menu that shines.  

A Wedding Menu That Makes Palates Dance  

The flower selections can wait and your dress can sit in the box for one more day—right now, you must come up with a wedding menu that delivers! Every food tasting is different, and special rules apply when it comes to weddings. Offering main courses consisting of finger foods isn’t exactly noteworthy, but those will be most welcome as snacks before and after dinner. These little details can make or break your wedding, so make sure to keep these food tasting tips in mind!  

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