Tips for Hosting a Stunning Home Event – Our Guide

Though quarantine restrictions have slowly eased on venues such as bars and restaurants, not every venue is ready to open its doors to larger gatherings. If you’re keen on hosting an intimate birthday, engagement, or wedding celebration, who says you can’t indulge in a little gourmet catering at home? If this is your first home event, consider these handy tips to help you pull it off.  

Tip #1 – Create a Suitable Atmosphere 

Whether you’re opting for a formal table setting or a casual get-together, how you curate your menu and decorate your allotted space can impact the atmosphere of your night (or afternoon). When planning for a dinner party, work closely with a catering company in Balgowlah that can help you arrange the appropriate courses. You can either have them prepared in your kitchen or delivered as ready-made options—it’s entirely up to you!  

At Gourmet Tarts Catering, we curate dozens of menus that best suit your tastes and style. Freshly prepared and using only the most luxurious Australian ingredients, you can get your hands on a delectable canape menu, finger foods, and palatable desserts.  

Tip #2 – Make Intimacy Key 

Especially now, inviting your entire extended family, friends, and colleagues can put a massive dent in your budget—and put you at risk of ignoring social distancing measures. Thus, prioritise intimacy by inviting only your nearest and dearest.  

Whether you plan to host a formal, casual, or cocktail party will then be up to your preferred aesthetic. If you’re finding it difficult to cut down your guest list, invite more distant members to join you on Zoom or another video chat app. Anyway, they’ll appreciate that you thought about them in the first place!  

Tip #3 – Know What You’ll Need 

A dinner party isn’t all about what you put on the table. At Gourmet Tarts, we can supply all your equipment needs—from glassware, dishes, utensils, and even a pop-up bar. However, if you’re keen on injecting a little bit more entertainment than we can provide, consider setting up an ambient sound system to set the tone of your mini-celebration. Perhaps you’d like to put on a film while you eat or even invite a couple of friends to perform a song or two. Whatever the case, prepare to set aside space to host activities and lounge after your meal.  

Tip #4 – Make Intelligent Menu Choices 

The most obvious component of planning an event, catering is something that can’t be done haphazardly. When booking with Gourmet Tarts, you can choose between customised buffet menus or opt for finger food, noodle boxes, sweet treats, and smaller lunch and dinner menus. Whatever you choose, we can guarantee there’s a dish for everyone to enjoy.  


When it comes to catering a home event, the possibilities are endless, so be sure to plan your event in advance. Consider whether any of your guests have a specific food allergy and what dish might make for a party favourite.  

For catering in Seaforth, call us up at Gourmet Tarts Catering! Whatever tasty dishes you’re after, we carry a range of menus most suitable for your special occasion. We always pay close attention to detail as we understand the value of special touches that make an event what it is.